All Dolled Up

Have you ever walked around, seen someone’s outfit, and wondered why they decided that looked good?

That’s me with guys sagging their pants in the 21st century. Can someone explain to me why so many guys do that?

Luckily, in the 1920s, that fashion trend doesn’t exist.Rather when I walk around it seems that men and women are always looking well-done.

In fact, I’m not quite sure how I ended up here, but it’s been fascinating to see the differences between then and now. To see how even the smaller things of 1920 have shaped the future 2017.

While I have been here, in the 1920s, it seems women’s hemlines shot up, the cloche hat (it was close-fitting and small) is extremely popular, and cropped short hair is in style (Source: Glamour Daze). Although I don’t think I could ever cut my hair so short, many women pull it off well.


This is the evolution of women’s wear through the years. Source: Glamour Daze


The progression of style is very chic. Don’t ask me how I’ll find nice clothes now, my jeans and t-shirt definitely won’t cut it for this era. Maybe I can get donations from a nice old lady. Or maybe flappers would think my outfit is daring.

Speaking of daring, Louise Brooks was a famous actress that revolutionized style in the 192s, for instance, she actually tried out pants! The audacity!

Louise Brooks - 1920s

Louise Brooks. Source: Marie Claire

Let me explain the term flapper, considering I stated it earlier.

Louise Brook’s audacity basically made her the perfect flapper.

Flappers were women who were known to be wild, and they revolutionized fashion for women in America forever! They cut their hair into bobs, shortened their hemlines, and did whatever they wanted. (Source: These were the women that were way ahead of their time, so with me being from the future, I would probably fit right in.

Men’s fashion, on the other hand, isn’t quite as revolutionary in the 20s. Their fashion mainly consists of suits, uniforms, and sports clothes. Although they do have many different types of pants. Knickerbockers are in fashion for those rich men who wear them. (Source: Vintage Dancer) There are mostly men in suits walking down every street, some gangsters, some businessmen, others probably both.


Knickerbockers. Source: (Vintage Dancer)

It seems that fashion has evolved a lot since the 1920s, but the styles present are a strong basis for the ones in the 21st century. Women’s and men’s fashions will continue to rapidly evolve from here on out.

Stay tuned for more posts about the 1920s!

((Check out these awesome sites for more resources on fashion in the 1900s! Glamour Daze, Vintage Dancer, Marie Claire. And check out The Smithsonian Magazine!))








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