From The Digital Age to The Roaring Twenties

How much do you know about the Prohibition era?

From 1920 to 1933, it was one of the most glitzy and blatantly disobedient times in United States history. The 18th Amendment banned sale and transport of most alcohol, and with that began a skyrocketing crime rate, with gangs and smuggling. (HISTORY-Prohibition)

The prohibition on alcohol enabled gangs to rise to power and gain wealth. With that they began overtaking towns and even in the 2000s gangs are still a huge problem. Some gangs that began their rise to power in the 1920s.

Fashion and icons were completely different back in the 1920s. Flappers, a fashion that is still around for Halloween, were all the rage. Charlie Chaplin was a major star in his silent films.

Some establishments that are still around in modern era were speakeasies back in the 1920s. That means that they were basically “secret bars” where you had to know the right people or the right pass code to get inside so you could buy alcohol. People went to extreme lengths to have alcohol, and it was an extremely profitable business. As long as you supplied the right people without stepping on any toes.

Policemen often did raids to try and find illegal stashes of alcohol.

The Twenties were a tumultuous but also somehow glamorous time. I look forward to delving into it with you. I will cover fashion, slang, famous gangsters, and if you have a request feel free to email it to me. There will be a lot of research on this blog, with some narrative parts from me “exploring” the 1920s. Hope you enjoy!



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